Precedence 1988 sale

Edward White took over my 1988 sale. I don't understand who he can ignore the law of contracts and the Bar does not require him to be accountable. The sales contract says:

  • The "Seller" is a single legal entity. This means that anyone representing the "Seller" represents all of the Grantors comprising the "Seller". All or none of the grantors can be represented.

  • The "Seller" names the Trustees for the Deed of Trust.

  • The deed is to be a General Warranty Deed

  • The point of contact for the "Seller" is Anthony M. O'Connell, Trustee.

None of the above was recognized. A sales contract means what it says. Only the parties to the contract can change the contract. To change a contract all parties to the contract must agree to the change and then it is a new contract. The law of contracts has to be honored for the real estate industry to function.