Obstacles to selling Accotink

The title for Accotink was clear on October 16, 1992. land-trust36p The controling entanglements put on since then were put on by the accountants and, with few exceptions, made to appear as the family's fault. I tried to remove the known obstacles to selling Accotink but was powerless to do so. The basic pattern is plant an obstacle and pretend not to know what the problem is when the client tries to remove it.

(1) The deed for Accotink is not recognized by the powers that be. It is not prudent to try to sell Accotink when the deed for Accotink is not recognized. deed-not-recognized175p

(2) The law firm of Mcguire-Woods, which I assume is a continuation of the law firm of McGuire, Woods, Battle and Boothe who drafted the trust documents, will not take an accountable position on the trust documents and remains silent. mcguire-woods7p

(3) There is a built in conflict of ownership in the trust records. tax-records94p If the 1975 Will is recognized as the last document transferring ownership of Accotink, the accountants can legally use innocent Jean Nader to carry out their agenda. If the 1992 deed with Anthony O'Connell as Trustee of Accotink is recognized, the accountants can't legally use innocent Jean Nader to carry out their agenda. In the beginning only the 1975 Will is referenced in the legal description. After the Trustee's inquiries (deed-not-recognized175p), both the 1975 Will and the 1992 deed are referenced in the legal inscription. The conflict between the documents plants the conflict between family members.

(4) Entanglements. There are ubiquitous concealed accounting entanglements in bk467p191. All the entanglements described in Edward White's "blueprint" letter remain as is. The Trustee's 12th trust account asks the Commissioner of Accounts for help in removing them but the 12th account disappears and only the Commissioner's description of it in his report to the Judges remains. 12th-3p,

(5) There is still no known justification in the records for the surprise clause in the deed for my sale of our home place in 1988 that says I could not qualify as Trustee. It is still not recognized who wrote the deed. unknown14p

(6) The accountants have destroyed my reputation to the degree that they can get our innocent sister Jean Nader, who has a 1/3 interest in Accotink, to do what they want her to do but not what I want her to do. It is not realistic to assume that I could get Jean Nader to sign a sales contract or a deed for Accotink when I can't get her to make out her checks for her share of the real estate taxes in a way to avoid creating accounting entanglements. The accountant's signature pattern is to use the family as cover. There is no known regulatory agency to stop them. codeofconduct18p1992bar87p

(7) I do not have the power to make documents that should not be signed recognized as documents that should not be signed. When a trusting family member is led to believe that a document that should not be signed should be signed, it creates a wedge through the family. commitments-individually8p

"16. In 2007, Anthony received a reasonable offer from a potential buyer to purchase
the Property. Upon information and belief, Anthony became convinced of a title defect with the Property that, in his opinion, was an impediment to the sale of the Property. A title commitment issued by Stewart Title and Escrow on April 24,2007, attached hereto as Exhibit C, did not persuade Anthony that he, as the trustee of the Land Trust, had the power to convey the Property. Because of this and other difficulties created by Anthony, the Property was not sold."
(From the summons)

(8) Please compare the accounting trails for Accotink defined by the land trust documents with the accounting trails for Accotink described by the summons. Which is true? Would you known, from reading the summons, that there is a 1992 deed for Accotink, and that this deed with the assigns and receipts, gives the Trustee for Accotink (not the individual Anthony O'Connell) 100% ownership in fee simple of Accotink?. land-trust36p, summons10p

(9) Innocent Jean Nader is in the control of the accountants and there is nothing I can do to stop them.

(10) Because of these obstacle I was stuck with paying all the real estate taxes until I ran out of money. A legitimate tax sale was the best remaining realistic option. no-money4p, tax-sale-plan5p

(10) Something makes the accountants not have to be accountable. There is no one the public can turn to for relief.