Highland County

The accountant's lien for back taxes on the Accotink property in Fairfax County, Virginia, was sent to Highland County, Virginia. This is against the rule of law.

The accountants won't say what their lien is against. This is against the rule of law. Why would the accountants not say what their lien is against? This is against the rule of law.

There is no trust property in Highland County but there is my individual property. History suggests that the accountants sent their lien to Highland County to use it againist my individual propertyb even though the Trust Agreement says "Trustee Not Individually Liable". They did not honor this clause when they created the Summons, the Injunction, the Notice and the Order. This is against the rule of law.

History suggests that accountants use the lien to take 100% control of my individual property and have 0 % accountability. I don't understand why no one will go to the Highland County Court House in Monterey, Virginia, and see if the lien is, or is not, against the deed at book 87 page 240 for my individual property. I don't understand why the accountants don't have to show how they arrived at their lien amount of $27.699.42.

The public has no chance against the accounatnts when they don't have to follow the rule of law and no one requires them to take an accountable position on anything.