Not individual
"Trustee Not Individually Liable"

The trust agreement at bk8845p1453 says "Trustee Not Individually Liable" but the following documents 1 through 5 are in violation of this. I don't understand why they were admitted by the Court:

      1992.10.16 Trust Agreement. agreement1p, agreement14p
      1993.03.20 Accounting at Book467page191 approved. bk467p191-7p
      2012.03.31 http://www.canweconnectthedots.com posted to try to expose the accounting trails at bk467p191
(1) 2012.05.11 and 2012.07.26 Lien: To Anthony O'Connell as Trustee but sent to Highland County where there is no trust property, only the Trustee's Individual's property. lien3p
(2) 2012.09.04 Summons: To Anthony O'Connell as Individual and as Trustee. summons10p, summons45p
(3) 2012.09.28 Injunction: To Anthony O'Connell as Individual and as Trustee. injunction5p
(4) 2012.10.22 Notice to appear in Court:To Anthony O'Connell as Individual. notice3p
(5) 2012.12.05 Order to appear in Court, Motion for Default Judgment: To Anthony O'Connell as Individual on cover letter for Order and blank on Order itself. order2p

Contract law

The Trust Agreement at bk8845p1453 is a contract and the law of contracts applies:

(a) A contract cannot be changed unless all the parties to the contract agree to the change and then it is a new contract.
(b) No one that is not a party to a contract can change a contract, not even a Court.
(c) All of a contract applies or none of a contract applies. A contract can't be cherry picked.
(d) The clause "Trustee Not Individually Liable" in the contract means what it says.
(e) When the Trustee is accused of a breach of contract evidence should be provided..


The Virginia Land Trust for Accotink was created on October 16, 1992, and automatically terminates after twenty years, on October 16, 2012. Why request the Court to replace me as Trustee at the end of the Trust's life?