The minimum requirements needed to understand the accountant's patterns:

(1) The issue is accounting, Stay on the issue. Do not buy that our family is the problem.

(2) Don't lose your common sense. To expose accounting fraud it is necessary to expose the accounting trails. The trails are the evidence. Judgments made without exposing the accounting trails are judgments made without looking at the evidence. This is a common sense prerequisite. This is missing.

(3) Do not accept secrecy no matter what it's called or who calls it. . It is essential to the accountants and fatal to the family. Secrecy is an impossible obstacle to overcome

(4) The concept of accounting entanglements. An accounting entanglement is intentional confusion and conflict planted in the accounting that is used as cover and as a wedge and takeover tool. The simplest example is 1,475.97 - 816.00 = 659.97. Small amounts are used to make them appear insignificant. The issue is not the small amounts; the issue is that they entangle, and whoever controls the entanglement controls the people and assets that are entangled. If you learn to recognize the dynamics in this simple 1,475.97 - 816.00 = 659.97 example, you can recognize the same dynamics in the more complicated ones.  blueprint8p

(5) Accounting trails trump everything. They are the only thing that can be relied upon. For example:

Question 1:  Does 1,475.97 minus 816.00 equal 659.97?
Answer:  Yes

Question 2:  How much confusion, conflict, and personal attacks, from how many sources, over how long a period of time, does it take before 1,475.97 minus 816.00 does not equal 659.97?
Answer: 1,475.97 minus 816.00 always equals 659.97.

(6) Recognize flags. Recognize confusion and conflict, the avoidance of accountability, personal attacks, secrecy, etc., as flags to see what is behind them, such as cover. The biggest flag is the continuing concealment of bk467p191.

(7) Recognize cause and effect. Connect dots.

Please recognize the connection between (1) the accounting trails at bk467p191 being concealed for twenty years, (2) killing the messenger who has been trying to expose them, and (3) judgments made without looking at the accounting trails.

Please recognize the connection between the Trustee posting the web site http://www.canweconnectthedots.com on March 31, 2012, to try to expose the accounting, and then being sent a lien, a summons, an injunction, a notice to appear in Court, and an Order to appear in Court, all made to appear as the family's fault.

(8) Signature pattern. The accountant's signature pattern is to use an innocent family member to carry out their instructions. Their instructions create confusion and conflict in the family and set one family member against another, which destroys the family's unity and consequently the family's ability to protect itself. Paradoxically, the more conflict the accountants plant in the family the more it protects the accountants. The summons, injunction, notice to appear in Court, and Order to appear in Court, fit this pattern.

(9) This is not a quick read. Please do not expect instant understanding as you would normally. You have to see the documents and connect the dots yourself to believe the patterns, and the patterns are not intended to be recognized.

(10) Not accountable. It's not apparent at first; but when you think it through you can see that the accountants avoid accountability to the extreme. Please judge for yourself; do the accountants have approximately 0% accountability and 100% control, and the family has approximately 100% accountability and 0% control?

(11) Fear. The accountants have intimidated our innocent sister Jean Nader to the point where she would not dare confront the accountants; not dare try to find out where the money went, not dare refuse to do what the accountants want her to do, and her fear is legitimate.

(12) Is whatever it is that protects the accountants too big to confront? Why does no one in Fairfax County, Highland County, Richmond, etc, say, for example, "Hey, this is wrong, why is the Trust's Deed not recognized, why is the "Trustee Not Individually Liable" clause not recognized, why does the law firm of McQuire Woods that prepared these documents (assuming McQuire Woods is the continuation of McQuire Woods Battle & Boothe) not defend them or take an accountable position? What property is the $27,669 lien against, what computations would ever lead to this $27,669 amount, why did the accountants takeover the Trustee's individual property? Why have the accounting trails for bk467p191 been concealed for twenty years, why has not one trail been exposed and recognized? Why is a simple 1,475.97 - 816.00 = 659.97 not recognized? Why did the Exceptions to the Commissioner's Report go, where did the money go? Why do the accountants not have to be accountable? What would it take to cut through the invisible walls and enforce the rule of law?

(13) Your trust is the only tool the accountants need.

(14) Choice. To expose accounting fraud expose bk467p191. To not expose accounting fraud do not expose bk467p191.

(15) Assumptions. Try not to make them. Normal assumptions here can mislead.

Somebody should tell the public how the accountants work.