("Re: Harold A. O'Connell" is fix?)

I don't know what the issue is in "Re: Harold A. O'Connell" on the Summons, Notice, and Order. Harold A. O'Connell is our Dad who died in 1975.

Does it have to do with not recogniing the October 16, 1992, Deed at bk8307p1446? Does it have to do with the surprise clause in the 1988 deed at bk7005p634 for my sale of our home place that says:

'Whereas by Deed of Partition recorded in Deed Book 4026 at Page 454, the property was reconveyed to Harold A. O'Connell as to an undivided one-half interest and to Jean M. O'Connell, as to an undivided one-half interest, whereas, Harold A. O'Connell died testate May 26, 1975, and by his Last Will and Testament recorded in Will Book 201 at Page 96, devised his interest to his executor Anthony M. O'Connell, Trustee; whereas Anthony M. O'Connell, Trustee, could not qualify and Herbert A. Higham, Trustee, was appointed to act in his place and stead."(my bold)?

Does this surprise clause, still without any known justification in the Court records, have anything to do with the "Lawer fix" instructions to our Mother in 1985 - 1986?

What ever the lawyer fixed in 1985-1986 remains a secret, so I have no choice but to guess. My best guess is that the accountants instructed our Mother, Jean O'Connell, to come in to the Court and sign something under the guise that it was a customary and usual document concerning non-resident fiduciaries; but that it actually obstructs the non-resident fiduciary, Anthony O'Connell, from qualifying as trustee.

I am guessing that it could be the surprise that (1) stopped me from qualify as trustee on May 1, 1986, (why did the Attorney ask me to wait outside the Court after I came from Saint Louis to go in the Court?) ) and (2) could be used to justify the surprise clause in the deed of April 21, 1988, that says I could not qualify as trustee, and maybe related to the "Re: Harold A. O'Connell" in the Notice to appear in Court and the Order to appear in Court. Secrecy is an impossible obstacle to overcome.