There is a history of the accountants using the trust of our Mother, Jean O'Connell, the Testator. Please recognize this history in recognizing that whatever the "lawyer-fix" and "come in" instructions resulted in was the result of the accountant's instructions to Jean O'Connell and not Jean O'Connell's instructions to the accountants.

Between two Summons for a proper accounting the accountants gave our Mother a false lost account and a false final account. I don't know about any of this until I found her memos after her death in 1991. Secrecy, no matter what it's called or who calls it, is fatal to the family and essential to the accountants.

1984.11.15  Summons for a proper accounting
1985.01.03  False lost account. Our family lawyer Philip Shalloway is made to appear at fault so he is out.
1985.01.23  False final account. This creates a wedge between me and my Mother because I keep asking the accountants for a final account.
1986.07.22  Summons for a proper accounting