Summons (plus)

The more I try to expose the accounting trails of the CPA Joanne White and the Attorney Edward White, the more I’m shut out, and I’ve tried for twenty years. If there is any doubt that the accountant’s signature pattern is to use a trusting family member as cover, the following should remove it. After posting my web site http://www.canweconnectthedots.com on March 31, 2012, to try to expose bk467p191, I was sent the following:

      1992.10.16 Trust documents created. Trust expires in twenty years, on 1012.10.16
      1993.03.20 Accounting at Book467page191 approved by Commissioner Jesse Wilson III
      2012.03.31 Trustee posted http://www.canweconnectthedots.com to try to expose bk467p191
(1) 2012.05.11 and 2012.07.26 Lien: lien3p
(2) 2012.05.25 Revocation of Power of Attorney as Trustee revoke-poa2p
(3) 2012.09.04 Summons: summons10p
(4) 2012.09.28 Injunction: injunction5p
(5) 2012.10.22 Notice to appear in Court: notice3p
(6) 2012.12.05 Order to appear in Court, Motion for Default Judgement: order2p


The Virginia Land Trust for Accotink was created on October 16, 1992, and automatically terminates after twenty years, on October 16, 2012. Why request the Court to replace me as Trustee at the end of the Trust's life?

The only thing Jean Nader did wrong was to trust the accountants. She has been led to believe that the documents the accountants had her sign will remove the obstacles to selling Accotink. These documents actually create accounting entanglements that put the accountants in more control of Accotink and our family and protect the accountants more.

Please see for yourself if this pattern fits; the accountants have approximately 100% control and 0% accountability and the family has approximately 0% control and 100% accountability.